Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh my house is burning down~ burning down~ burning down~...

Oh Yes, there must be a reason that lead to this title. I just woke up, and now I'm going back to sleep, but before that, I have to say... My house was ALMOST burnt down. O.o Amazing huh? = ="" I was half awake just now and lying immobile in my blanket, I thought I was still in my dream because everything just seemed to be really smoky, yes, you heard me, smoky = =" I was looking at the ceiling when my brother suddenly opened my door and looked at me in amazement . "Wow... You're still sleeping..." I looked at him, perplexed, "Why shouldn't I sleep?" I thought... and an acrid smell of something burnt was lingering in the air that finally woke me up from my sleep. I went to the kitchen, the cooking pan was crazily splitting great billowing clouds of smoke. amazing~ = =

I quickly opened every windows and doors to let the smoke out of the house, called my mom and came up to check. Man, she left the things burning and went down to work... = ="" according to what she said, she forgot she was actually heating something, OMG FORGOT! If my brother and I weren't at home I suppose my house WILL be on fire now. For that my song will really come true... damn... those songs should be banned from now on... = =" (and I thought I started it...?? = ="") So, my mom teased me, "Wow~ if it wasn't your brother, I suppose you will only wake up by the time your ass gets burn eh?"

damn... still boleh joke... = ="

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