Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm finally done with my flash video project o.O"

Oh yes, I'm finally done with my flash video project, kindly take a look on it~ please don't complain too much since I'm only a beginner for doing this kinda thing lol!! xDD

Tian Kong Flash Video

I went out with Pam today for K songs at the happy arcade in the mall. We woke up around 1(did I mentioned I slept over her place last night? xD), showered then decided to go to Chung Hwa first because I had to hand in my flash video project to my teacher for today is the deadline and my teacher will be submitting our result to the office on 21st, I seriously hope that I WILL PASS!!! Oh man... that's not funny if I don't make it to form 5...

Oh, Pam followed me to the school too, she said it's been awhile since she last stepped into Chung Hwa, she was amazed by the great change of her old school, meh, not so Great lar but yea. xD So right after I handed in my project, files and papers to teacher, we went straight to lee loy fat to makan rojak because Pam was starving to death... = ="" And no, she didn't even tell me she was kinda suffering from gastric... this girl arhh... = ="" so we tarus Vroooooooom~ go makan!! xD

Rojak and the toufu thing... yummm yummm~ I miss it! I miss it! I miss it!!! XD Hahahahah!! Anyways, like I mentioned earlier, we went to K songs after makan! xD to the mall, yes, the mall, again. Where else can we go other than that... place. *wind blows by, bird flew by* OK! So, when we reached there, Pam got a message from Manzy saying that she was in the mall with Chris and some of their friends, and Ang was in the mall with Seng and Bong, dunno gay what~ HAHAHAH JK! XDD okok~ so Pam was so WOW RUNNNNNNNNN tarus when she heard 'Ang'~ XD She planned to shock him that she stick her face onto the escalator glass when he was coming down... woots... he was... indeed, shocked. LOL! XD

Right after seeing Ang, we went to look for Manzy and Chris, talked for a while and then go to the Happy arcade, as usual, room2, 5 dollars~ XD Well, not exactly a 'room' but more like a box instead. xD We went into the box and I turned around to close the door, and got freaked out by the 'creature' that was sticking on the door, Manzy! LOL! XD I didn't know she was just behind me!! ahahah!! xD She came in to say HI then turned around to go out to play her games to win some tickets~ XD how cute she is man!!! XDD

After we sang about 4 songs, Pam and I decided to add another 5 bucks to sing, Manzy and Chris gave another 4 bucks since they wanted to sing as well, so we have 10 songs to sing now! Hahah xD Manzy, Chris, Pam and I took turn to sing with each other, that was... fun because while we're singing, Manzy and Chris keep annoying those who are singing... = =""

Right after K-ing songs we went to Kern in Qlap to lim teh with Manzy and Chris, Pam called Kel along, we talked until the sunset and it was kinda drizzling outside, the sky was in purple yo~! Hahahah xD After the lim teh, Pam and I decided to go to Just Toy for nasi katok!!!! XD Lol! omg man, bea sien eh we eat~ xD We went back to Pam's place after dinner, I was planning to sleep over Pam's place for another night but she was too tired that she fell asleep after awhile she showered.

Kiat started to annoy me to go out lim teh around 10 because Andy asked him to bring him home from the mall, omg man, Kiat is officially Andy's driver now HAhahahahh!!! Just too bad He doesn't get paid... Okay I was just kidding... XD I was thinking if I should go due to the fact that I was kinda lazy since I just got 'home' awhile ago... So I jokingly asked him to pick me up from Pam's place. Surprisingly he asked where is Pam's place... I was like O.O "are you really going to pick me up???" "gimme the address and I'll think about it..." wtf xD bea tahan this guy... = =" We talked a lota shits from meeting at big and small tiong hin to mamih... and end up we decide to meet at Manggis Hua Ho because that's the easiest place that I can find... I suppose Kiat almost got heart attack because of my dumbness eh?? = ="" serve you right. xD

After he picked me up from Manggis mall, we headed to Cheez Box at Gadong to pick Andy up, and lim teh-ed there. I forgot how long did we sat in Cheez Box, I remember Kiat sent me back to where I dropped my car at 12:00am then I was home 15-20 minutes later, woots! I was driving at 120km/hr HAhhahahah, damn, my car was shaking like hell... = =" But I just like the feeling of speeding... with loud music~ meh~ I should maintain my car next time when I have the money. =D

Alright, this is the entry for today. Hopefully Pam is doing well now yea? =D *hugs* It was fun sneaking out with Manzy, Chris and Pam for nasi katok the night I reached Pam's house. They were actually celebrating Kel's birthday. Happy belated Birthday 1811 to Him yo! =D Sorry, no photo blogging for today cos I was too lazy to carry camera everywhere to take picture~ xD

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