Saturday, November 15, 2008

A small test~ what will you think of when you're feeling down~?

What in the list below would make you feel better when you're sad?

A_ 一棟奇幻的別墅 ( a dreamy villa )

B_ 可以揉成各種形狀的雲 ( cloud that you can rub into several shapes )

C_ 生意盎然的森林 ( very lively jungle )

D_ 可愛的小動物 ( cute little animals )

E_ 油桐花 ( Tung Flower )

F_ 發出七色光芒及美妙音樂的音樂盒 ( a melodious music box which gives out a rainbow-like shine )

A_ 一棟奇幻的別墅: 你的內心是童話的,就算遇到挫折也不會傷心,很懂得安慰自己,也懂得體諒別人。 ( Your heart is like a fairy tale, you wouldn't be sad whenever you're in a pinch, you know how to console yourself and understand others.)

B_ 可以揉成各種形狀的雲: 你非常懂得自我安慰及自拔,但有時候反而非要等到事情一發不可收拾時,才知道有多嚴重,是個心情落差很大的人。( You know well enough how to pull yourself up, but sometimes you only realize how bad things can get after they happen. You're an emotional person.)

C_ 生意盎然的森林: 你是個十分愛鑽牛角尖的人,平時因為會自卑而把自己偽裝的很勇敢,內心卻非常脆弱,所以也是個容易嫉妒,想要報仇,卻又悲觀的人物。( You are very stubborn, you usually act brave and confident but you know you're not. you get jealous easy, often think of vengeance but yet have no confidence in yourself.)

D_ 可愛的小動物: 你可以馬上感受到開朗,但遇到非常重大的打擊時,想到可愛的小動物只會讓你感到更悲傷,因為你只是個把美好的事物當成實驗品,但真的失去時卻又搥胸頓足的可憐蟲。(You'd be cheerful, but when something really bad happened, thinking about cute little animals might only make you feel sadder. That is because you're those whom take everything wonderful as an experiment, and only feel sad when things are gone.)

E_ 油桐花: 你一開始會感到自己很悲哀,但可以慢慢的穩定下來,想想新奇又美好的事物,因為油桐花的花語是「情竇初開」,是個理性的人。(You might feel sad in the beginning, but you'd feel better as time goes by. Think about the wonderful things in the world, because the meaning for Tung Flower is "love shall begin", you're a very rationalistic person. )

F_ 發出七色光芒及美妙音樂的音樂盒: 你很自愛,也懂得對別人好,當你傷心時絕對不會自卑,是個會把哀傷、空虛、及嫉妒化為動力的知足的人。(You're responsible to yourself and also learn to be good to others. instead of feeling inferior when you're down, you'd change every shred of negativity into motivation. You're easily pleased. )


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