Sunday, December 14, 2008

Congratzz!!! =D

PMB results just came out yesterday, Kiat told me about this. He told me Evon had passed her PMB examination!

Congratulations to my dear EVON!!!!!! X33333 Let's celebrate once you're back! =D

Btw, I think I'm kinda attached to Nintento's product, DS. I have found the latest version of it online, which is DSi. Omg the white colour version just look soooo niceeeeeeeee!!!!! O.O I WANNA HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rolls on floor and cry*

Picture source from :

I might be going back to Taiwan in the beginning of next year, yes, I know, school will be reopen by then, it's just for few days, anyway. I'll see IF I could either get myself a phone or DSi! XP Of course, only if it's out in Taiwan. =b

I hope my entry wouldn't get deleted this time...? = ="

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