Thursday, April 15, 2010

O-hisashiburi desu~!

Minna-san konnichiwa~! It's been ages since my last post isn't it? XD Sorry for the lack of blogging! Hahaha~! Just feeling rather lazy, and I know my English standard has really degraded a lot, I guess. Ma- nee~ xD

Recently I've been catching up with few manga and animation serious, I've already done watching "Kimi ni todoke" (君に届け, Reaching you) by Shīna Karuho, on PPStream. Actually I started watching this anime in English subtitle but well, for some reason, the torrent download in Brunei isn't working very well (yes, even until now... = =), so I changed and watch on PPStream, though first I wasn't very used to the Chinese subtitles since I've been watching it with English sub. Ma-. So the ending of the animation wasn't as satisfactory... since they just go to the temple on the New Year's Eve and just go back home... while left everything lingered in the air... So I ended up reading the manga instead! WOOOOTS! I've finished chapter 45! Other versions 'cept Japanese version of chapter 46 isn't out yet, so I was so desperate that I even read chapter 46 in Japanese! Surprisingly I could understand most of it! Though it was indeed tiring reading them, cos I have to read words by words carefully since I'm not so good in Japanese yet. T.T NEVERMIND! Make this as an achievement! xDDDD

Well, another series of manga was this korean manga titled "The Bride of The Water God" (하백의 신부 "Habaek-eui Shinbu") by Yun Mi-kyung. It's a story about a village girl named Soah being sent to the water God as his bride because the village has to sacrifice a beautiful girl to him to calm down his bad temper. Well, the story is quite interesting though it gets a little messed up later on, but yea it's still nice la! xD recommend recommend~ xp though some parts are kinda confusing whether what they had done that lead to something happened (ie, a knife pop out of nowhere while somebody holding it, and somebody gets hurt, and you dunno where the wound is, and him/her just keeps on bleeding... ._.''). anyways, no, this manga doesn't have it's anime version. Maybe they should tell the Japanese animation company to make it for them, since the art style is reaaaally not bad! :D I was attracted to the art style at first. Since I'm so caught up with "Kimi ni Todoke", I wanted to see something with similar art style~ x33

Alright, I'll end here fer terday! XD

Hona mata!

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