Saturday, November 20, 2010

I bought a wig! LOL!

LOL yesh! Just as the title above! I bought a wig! For $35 dollars. Lol~ Unnecessary indeed. But I kinda calculated, if I were to grow my hair long, and if I want to have a natural curl, that would take up to $100+ exclusive the amount of cash I need to pay for trimming my hair. Okay then, I shall show to you readers my WIG! XD


Oops, doesn't look like my head? BUT IT'S CUTE RIGHT? HAHAHAH!
was feeling bored this afternoon so kinda played with my wig on my... bear piggy bank~ XD

Okay this time is for real!

What what? It's really my wig! but... Gaga Lady style? HAHAHA!
Well, just for fun~ XD it's the fringe of the wig, weird indeed =OO

Okay la let's get serious this time~ XD

Yay~ thank you very much!
and of course, the picture was edited! Lightings only.. blabla~

Ngaha~ that's for all the randomness~ Gonna off to studeh! XD


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