Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some songs to intro~ =D

Imma gna introduce this song to everyone out there~ (well, to those who are reading my blog right now~ xD) I was thinking of which song I should upload onto my blog when this song suddenly caught my attention. This song was sang by Justin Bieber - One Time. Saw that many girls are very obsessed with this little boy but I r not! xD I r just like the way how he sings his feelings out of his heart so bravely (well, though it's only a song~ xD).

Here's another song's MV. 『想你就写信』by 浪花兄弟

I kind of like this song, very China feel~ I think~ xDD or I should say, I like the style of the song, don't really know how to explain, guess it's just sound like some traditional music? Okay, maybe that makes me sound old now.. = =''' ah nvm la! Just ENJOY IT!

hona mata~! x3

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