Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Random random~

Was being really bored in the class of Business Practice, well I did try to listen to his class but every time when I tried to listen carefully, my mind seems to fly off somewhere else... is it me or his way of talking is just tooo.... not attractive? xD so I kinda drew something on the note while my lecturer was happily explaining his class~

Sketch was done in 2-3 min~I think? xD

Clearer view of the sketch. A boy with a sunflower~
Random, indeed.
Oh, I just Loooove sunflower~ x3

I feel like there's an urge to buy a new acoustic guitar these days, I really gotta start work/ practice on new songs or my skill will really rust~ well, since I'm already not so good~ D= (Of course I wanna practice on YUI-chan's new song too!! x3) Saw one the other day, it's cost 400, which I'm not sure if I can afford to buy it(well, most likely not now, I guess. =s). ahhhhhhhhhh~

Hona, mata~!

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