Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wow~ what A DREAM!

OMG I DREAMT ABOUT MILO VENTIMIGLIA!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGG!!!! well it's not like I saw him in person but still OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol it's weird indeed to dream about something like this, but dreams are random, what can you say? :D

I can't really recall how this dream started but it feels like I was studying aboard. That one 'fateful' day, for some reason, Milo came to visit our school, of course, his manager was with him as well. There were many people chasing after them for photo taking and signatures. Ringu and I(Ringu was there, omg! O.o), we wanted to take a photo with him as well, but as we approached him, we found that Hyin and Tenga(Omg they're there also?!?!?!) were missing! So we humbly asked if he could wait for us to look for the other two girls, he was okay with it and went to the side to rest for a little. So I ran off quickly to look for Hyin and Tenga, but I can't find them anywhere... = =''' So ended up only Ringu and I will be taking photo with Milo~ (Too bad~ Hyin and Tenga~ XD) I turned around to look for someone to take a picture of us, Yu Cheng was just right in front of me, I called for Yu Cheng and did a gesture, he came. XD awww He's so nice even in my dream~ XD

For some reason, after the phototaking session we ended up in a audio/video room. Yes, I mean Milo, his manager, Ringu, someone... I think it was, Yu Cheng? and I~ XD Milo was sitting beside me, there's a pathway between us, we talked while watching the video (I think it was some kind of education video and that). After awhile, he told his manager that he was feeling exhausted he wanted to rest for awhile, but his manager said no, he can't, because soon he has to leave to airport. He sighed. His manager went out, Milo started talking to me about things like online, and asked if I play any. I thought for awhile, and told him I do have MSN and I play facebook as well. I suddenly had the urge to ask him for his email, but his manager came in, then he has to go~ D: sad~

Then later, Ringu, Yu Cheng and I were walking around in the school and ended up in a hall, again another education talk. I was so bored I turned around to talk to the person who was sitting behind me, and I saw Milo walked pass the back door of the hall. After the talk, Ringu and I went out, I saw Milo, who was now carrying few luggages, walking towards us. Ringu said she wanted to go look for Hyin and Tenga, and went away. Milo and I walk to a place to talk. I felt like I can't miss this chance to ask for his email, so I did, Yeshhhh I did itttt!!!~ XD then he agreed, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was so happyyyy that I juuuuuuuumped!!! Hahahahh!! XDD I took out my phone, wanted to ask him to save his email, but my phone was so laggy that it made me so panic!!!! But he's still waiting patiently beside me~ Suddenly, Shanice and Chong Sing Mei(wow?) came, I simply greeted them and didn't feel like talking to them any more. Well, since Milo was there, and I didn't wanna feel awkward, so I introduced them to Milo. He just smiled at them, didn't talk more~ :O anddddd~ the door bell in my house rang... and... I woke up~! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! I DIDN'T SAVE HIS EMAIL!!!! omg~ well, it's just a dream... BUT IT'S STILL VERY VERY SAYANG!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG~~~~!!!! DDDDDDDDD:

突然的一次 Milo 榮幸參訪我們學校,
好多人找他們簽名, 拍照等等
轉過身 看到友振 就叫他幫忙啦~
拍完照 我們不知道為甚麼就跟他一起去播放室看影片
他就坐在我旁邊 所以聊得比較多
我們聊了一會 他跟他經理說他累了 想休息一會
但他經理卻說不可以 我看他真的好累的說~
後來,他經理出去了一下 我又跟他聊了一會
我想了想 說我有玩 msn 和 facebook
原本想跟他要電子信箱的, 他的經理卻剛好走進來說要走了
我看到Milo拿著行李走過來 然後把行李放在一邊
小菱說要找慧瑩和淑婷 就離開了
我就又和Milo聊了一會 天啊~!超開心的!
我突然間想到 這次一定要跟他要到電子帳號!
我鼓起勇氣問他 他竟然答應了!
我開心的跳了起來 他也笑了
我拿出手機 打算叫他記在手機裡
但不知怎麼的 我的手機好像卡住了
突然, Shanice 和 周欣瑩 走了過來
我原本不想裡他們 但是看在Milo在 我就向Milo介紹
然後,我家門鈴響了 我醒了.......... 超鬱悶 T.T

For the sake of not forgetting my dream so QUICKLY, I typed it in Chinese version first, then type an English version once~ Woooots~ It makes me wanna watch heroes again! xDDD which reminds me I haven't been watching heroes for awhile now, will catch up to it soon! :D I R suki Milo~! Wooooots! xD

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