Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bear paw paw~

Went to eat Bear Paw with Yee Meng, Novie, my egi and our lovely guest, Jesher, at Setapak near Genting Klang after all the activities in the college yesterday. I thought it would be something like a Malaysian traditional food or creation or something, but ended up it's actually some street food from Taiwan! Interesting enough, they were showing the food channel where they have recorded the Bear Paw interviews, so they were showing all the ideas and inspiration they got, and also the price of that cutie Bear Paw. Apparently it's freaking popular among the girls because of it's cute biggie paw on top of the bread! XD

This is the traditional style~! bread and the pork...!! *droooooools*

I used to eat this when we're eating together with my father's family in a Chinese restaurant in Taiwan where they serve a lot of  traditional food! They're just freaking yummmyyyyy!! And yesterday's Bear Paw reminded me of this! *drooooools again~~~~~*

Tadaaaaa!! This is the Bear Paw photo taken by Novie!! Too bad my camera was with Teng, or else I would have already taken a looooot of photos of this cutie paw!! XD

It cost me RM$9.9, kinda costy thought~ :( And from what I saw from the food channel which they were playing in the shop, the Bear Paw is only TWD$50!!! Which is less than RM$5 to be exact!! Omg I'm missing out so much of Taiwan's food!! I definitely won't be able to forgive myself if I don't get anything for myself to eat again this time I go back to Taiwan! XD

This is all of us together!! Novie from the far left, Yee Meng, me, Egi, and Jesher! :D

And after that we went to Festival City Mall to get ourselves some snacks and juice for tonight's Moon Cake Party with Andy, Noell, Yee Meng, Novie, Jesher, Egi and I~!! Too bad there weren't any photo taken because MY CAMERA WAS WITH TENG! Dammit! -.-

Alrighty righty~ This is all for today! I will be updating again soon~

Ja mataaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~


  1. the 2nd pic...the paw looks nice... ^^
    yummy... :)

    1. hehehehee i know right!!
      whenever i look at the picture i keep drooling~ :P