Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Items received!

Weeks ago I bought 2 facial brushes from Taobao out of curiosity, since many say that it's nice and kinda effective (although it will take time), and most importantly, they're having promotion so I could get them in cheap price! :D Sooooo~ I decided to give them a try, and also together with some other stuff, and taadaaaa~ I've just received my stuff today!!! weeee~~ (was supposed to received it by yesterday but the stupid Malaysia postman didn't come... zzz So they come again today and yay I got them! :D)

These are what I got~ 

Shopping Trolly (RM$24)
A Trolly?? Yes... for my Boyfie's freaking huge multi-effect, and surprisingly the trolly is even big enough for this huge thingy!! o.O

Laptop Fan (RM$10)
Got myself a laptop fan because my Mac get hot easily and I don't like it when it's hot, I feel like it could blow up anytime, literally. -.-

And tadaaaaaa~ here it is, the facial brushes that I bought, they're so small and cute and damn soft when you rub them on the face!! The first brush is wider in radius, it's for large areas like cheeks and forehead and neck, wherever you wanna! :P And the second one, yes it looks small and it IS small, it's for area like nose, because, well, it's really small and your nose is small too~ XD anyways they're not pricy, in fact, they're really cheap, as I mentioned the shops were having mid year sales!! :D Lucky! ;)

Facial Brush, big
(RM$12, when I check from other place it'd be selling at the price of RM$80+ X_x)

Facial Brush, nose area. (RM$12)

I'm just really excited so I really wanna share this :P anyways you're welcome to drop a comment or question, I will be updating with the effects of the brushes then! :)

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