Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Review on Night Essence of EDN (Envie De Neuf)

Before I come back to KL, my mom gave me this night essence which she said would sooth the pimple at night, which I never thought I would use since I hardly has pimple problem. But this day has come! For I don't know why!!! O.O Pimples are evil... veeeeeeeery evil!! Because whenever I have them, they're just freaking PAINFUL! Zzzzzz~ Alrighty, I'm not gonna talk more and I'm just gonna upload pictures and tadaaaa~ XD

As you can see, the pimple was daaaaaaaaamn huge on the first day!! It was originally really small, I didn't think it was a big deal and thought it will go away in one night, but god knows how the hell it become bigger and bigger and it hurts whenever I touch it with my itchy hand! Well, slowly it became better as time goes by. Of course, by applying that essence.

This is not bad, I guess? As I'm sure nothing is "SUPER" or "GOD LIKE" medicine, so time is surely needed for things to get better. I have a normal skin, so I'm not sure if it suits whoever have a sensitive skin, I would suggest you to consult your skin doctor before trying on the product. :)

Good day!

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