Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Letter

I have been told to write a letter to someone whom I think I should give all the credits to, in fact, ALL of us from the BTC class were told to write a letter to that very person whom you think you really wanna give thanks to. Tell him or her what you're really appreciated for, your apologies, and what is your future planning and what is it that you're going to do next.

I have been thinking of writing to my parents, to the lecturer in my college whom I once really hated but I have come to like him this semester, but I really couldn't think of anything to write about. Well, it's not that I have nothing to appreciate about my parents or the lecturers in my college. In fact, if I were to write one letter for one of them I would have to write for everyone of them, LOL! Anyways, there's this person who I have been thinking. And yes, I think she would be the perfect target for me to jot down my thoughts, my appreciations, my apologies, and my future planning and targets.

This is getting me really excited, except that I'm really tired at the point of this time. I'm still ill and it's 3:41am, I should really sleep before my immune system go down again, although it's really unlikely but yeah.

I'm really proud of myself this week, I have been ill this whole week but I have seen a few improvements in myself, although I do admit I need to be more productive. It's ok... slow but steady, I shall first stand strong on my basics, so I could build this building higher! :)

Ah ya ya my eyes are shutting down, I hafta go to slee....p... l..ike...

Tadaaaaa~ ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......


  1. me too! i actually had written letters to a few people and gave them!

    1. hahah waaaa you written letters and give them already? o.O do we need to give them the letters? :O