Sunday, October 13, 2013

Need to carry on

Haven't been really productive lately for I -don't-know-what reason~ :( I wanna keep moving forward and it seems easy to move on to the next step but I have no idea what is stopping me.

I have opened an online store, mostly base on phone and computer accessories, small things~ guess I have been quite busy this few days because of that store, looking up and down for a product that I think the audience would like. After all, I just wanna earn a little pocket money from those little things I'm selling, and I hope I will.

Inspiration? Nothing, just really desperate in getting some money because I know I can't forever depend on my parents, I need something to support myself and now that I'm thinking, making music isn't really my kinda thing to do. Although I have always liked to strum on my guitar and always liked singing, I seem to find it kinda pressuring me nowadays.

I once heard this say, "興趣不能飯吃;因為當你把興趣拿來當飯吃的時候,它就不再是興趣,反而成為了你的壓力。” (You can't make money with your hobby; because when you do, it will become a pressure instead of hobby.) I guess it pretty much make a lot of senses, well, for most people, tell me I'm wrong.

Nope, I'm not going to let go of my hobby, but I'm sure right now, that I won't make it a "job", I would do it when I want to, and I won't do it when I don't feel like it. Sounds pretty fair, isn't it? Isn't it what "hobby" is supposed to be? And I'm going to make sure in the future, I have plenty of time for my hobby! ;) Well, for that I have to make tons and tons of money, and I will. With Amway being with me, I'm sure I will be able to do that.

Nope, I'm not crazy. I'm saying this because I, personally believe Amway is freaking worth it. I'm not gonna talk much about it, if you are reading this, and you're wondering, just go find out by yourself, ask anyone whose an Amway user, they're loyal for a reason, because Amway is loyal to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e of us, that's why. Go find out yourself. Or if you're curious, I will be updating a lot more about Amway in the future, too. For my future reference when I look back! ;)

One thing I'm sure is that, I will not leave, or even give up of Amway, this great partner of my life. A company which is willing to share it's share with you, and you getting a factory price, at the same time, you could get back your own money each time you purchase and item, if that's not good enough, then I don't know what is.

Not only that, when you decided you don't wanna work, or you can't work anymore, you can pass your position to your spouse, or even your next generation, let them continue your glorious achievements, instead of starting all the waaaay back from 0%. If that's not good enough, I don't know what is.

I love Amway all because of their simple philosophy: Freedom, Reward, Family, and Hope. It's the Founders' beliefs.

Well I hate to discontinue this but I guess it's really time for me to go to bed, I have to go to BTC tomorrow in the morning! damn! I won't have enough sleep then.

So in the end, I'm here to remind myself that I have to keep moving on. Stop for awhile to take some rest is good sometimes, but I can't take this break any longer. Like the arrow story that I have always told myself. If an archer is going to shoot an arrow, it had to take time. I will be patient, and I will keep moving!

It's good to take it out, really. I don't even know who would be reading this but I can't really be bothered right now. I'm just typing whatever I wanna, and it's for ME, myself. Although, shoot me if you have any doubts or opinion! ;)



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