Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here again~

Here I am again, blogging, I'm now in computer lab at school, not having computer lesson but free period. No teacher's around, or maybe I just don't know who's the teacher~ *hehe* currently playing flash games(nothing else to play anyways~ =b) gonna have some papers back again, I hope I did score a good result, yes, hopefully =b. Maths should be quite okay, but I don't think my geography paper would be that lucky, lol~ =b. School computers are darnnnn slow, they're also sometimes show that page can't be found, then I'll be like, ermmm, I've been waiting this page for so long and then you tell me you can't find the page = ="~~ and i guess two periods had finished (I just noticed that @@") Well I have to go!!! take care everyone @@"" *rush million meters to classroom*

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