Saturday, March 31, 2012

Official Rurouni Kenshin Action Movie Promo Trailer 2012~!

Zomg!!! This movie is coming out in August in 2012~!!!

Actually I've heard of this movie coming out this year few months back but I have totally forgotten until I saw someone uploaded it on fb!

I remember watching this anime when I was young but I can't remember what's the story about anymore... damn nooob ahhhh!!! X___x Oh well, I might watch it during my semester break and watch this movie in June!

The main character, Keshin, is casted by Takeru Satou!!! That's the most important part!! heheheh XDD Man I'm so gonna watch this movie when it comes out! Though I'm not very sure if it's gonna out in Malaysia~ o.O Well, let's see!!

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