Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Died in class~ = =

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh~!!! Freaking stressed! = =''''

Today's Performance Lab class was talking about Improvisation~ well, something like that. I kept "fishing" during that class... Not that I don't wanna listen to what my lecturer is saying, but I don't REALLY understand what he's trying to teach.

"Nah, like this!" "OK?" "Understand ah?" "I want something like this!" and playing by himself all the time, expecting us to fully understand what he's trying to teach and what he "WANTS" from us.

Zomg~ music is not about just one person's opinion! We have our own playing style~ zzzzzz~

Today I was sitting in front of a keyboard, and switched place to sitting beside Walter when my lecturer asked Sherenn to try to play what he was teaching. The moment I sat down beside Walter, he tried to talk to me in mandarin, saying "I wanna die liao~ I don't understand what he's trying to say~~~~" and gunshot himself~ = =''' I was like DAMN! I DON'T UNDERSTAND TOO LAAAAA!! In silence~ lololol!! XDD

Arrrghhhhhh~~ The only thing I can do now is to TRY to UNDERSTAND his class, at least a little bit, and go home and practice myself~ zzzz~~~

First, I guess Imma hafta strengthen my skills in classical...

Oh yea.... Autumn Leaves~ improvise~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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