Thursday, April 12, 2012

New app for my phone~

Being bored in the practice room while waiting for egi to finish his class~ So I went on the new Android Market, new google function name "Play" which you can see on top the Google page, to look for applications to play with~ :P and I found this! Camera 360 Ultimate~

Just feel like sharing this application, it has many awesome camera effects!!! Man, I haven't really touched photoshop ever since these "camera effects" applications get in the trend, it became so handy for us to change the effects on the spot right after we take out pictures with one click, and then upload to social network websites with another simple click.

"Sunshine" effect~

 "Sexy Lips" effect~

"Sweet" effect~

Ngahahaha~ Vain in the practice room laaa~~~ there are many more effects that I haven't tried out yet~ XD for now it's just boooooooooored~

Okay, off to do more practice... = = Chromatic finger style is really a pain in da arse~ Right now I'm trying to remember all the scales on the Guitar neck! I should have done that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay earlier before I come in to this college~ Zzzz~~~ I heard Ear training and Traditional Harmony's gonna be a major headache for next semester~ Well well, I think I have to start practising ear training....... SOON!!!! Or Imma gonna dieeeeeeeeeeee~~~

Oh yeah~ Bonus picture~


Napping + sun bathing by the window~ SO DAAAAAAMN CUUUUUUUUUUUTE~!!!! X33

"Grrrrrrrrr~ don't disturb my beauty nap~!!!!! Meowwwww~"

That's what she looked like when I tried to take close up picture of her sleeping~... Hmmmmmmm~

TADAAA~~~ ^^

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