Monday, October 01, 2007

Gaia Dream Avatar~ Angelic Demon~

Testing here~ XD

My dream avatar in Gaia~ O.o

LOL just tektek-ed it out of boredom~ X_x

Nice nice nice nice nice??? XDDD

Wells, the price actually wayyyyyyyyy moreeeeeeeeeeeeee nicer~ Especially only the devil tail it cost you freaking 10,250,000 Gold O.o" and the angelic sash is like 7,594,445 Gold~!!!!! OMG~~~~ *bang wall and dies* I'm saving up gold to buy the lunar scythe which is the thing that the avatar is holding, which will cost me 15k... hmm... And elven ears for 4k plus and enchanted strings~ hmmm... That'd cost me 9 to 10k... .___."""

Sigh~ Just got back home and had nothing much to do, so I went on Gaia to check for it's forums for awhile. I saw people were posting forums about playing tektek, which I haven't been playing for quite awhile so I decided to give it a try. It ended up like this~ At first I was kind of looking for lolita style clothes but at the end I thought of making it a demon and put some angelic stuffs on her~ cool~ XD And ended up an Angelic Demon .___.""

Heard the sound of cat-fighting half way when I'm blogging this, so I went out to check, it was the cat bullying my other cats. And I just hurt my toe pretty 'nicely' due to that I was trying to chase-hit the cat which comes in to the kitchen every night to bully my other cats. And I kind of strain it... Mehh.. Strain my toe... Goddamn nice eh? -____-"" I'm worried about the cats, I wonder are they going be alright after I moved?...

Ah, raining, nice... =]

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