Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moving moving moving~ X_x

Woots~ Tiring day today, been cleaning up my room since the moment I woke up today. Cleaning up, packing, getting ready to move to the new house in Sengkurong. Though some bulky stuffs will be remain until my parents get lorry to bring those things there.

Sengkurong, sounds pretty far from Bandar. It gives me this feeling of that I'm moving to somewhere which is pretty far away from the world. O.o A little too ridiculous, I know~ XD Like what NightKATz said, "welcome to the world of pian pi-ness! where everything and anything is like 325443853843946 KM away! and you will lose all your friends cos ppl cant be bothered to spend 432854648445744 hours digging for your place! YAY! xP" ha-ha that's so so so true~. See, for example if you want to go to Gadong, it will freaking take you freaking half an hour to go there. -__-" Meow~ at least still have Sengkurong Hwa Ho, SKH near by which will only take me not more than 5 minutes to walk there. And Hwa Ho Bunut which would take me not more than 5 minutes to go there, by car. Supermarkets, yes, but Sengkurong is still kind of pretty remote desu~ X_x

Wells, at least I can reach Jerudong Park faster than anyone else living in Bandar eh? .___."

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