Friday, September 14, 2007

Leaving is sad... TT___TT

Great now I have to install the latest Windows Live Messenger in order to continue to use my messenger when I don't usually like to download new ones to use. And that mean I have to download new MessPatch for my new messenger. Troublesome. -__-"

Anyways, slept over Evon's house for 2 days and went to the dance teacher, Teacher Michelle Dong's farewell activity in air port on Wednesday. Actually I wasn't suppose to take part in that activity but I had to accompany Evon or I had to stay at her house alone from 11am to 1am since the time of departure was on 12 something in the noon. The whole thing was okay to me but not the last part, the moment they all shouted for "董老師再見!!!" (Farewell, Teacher Dong!!!), first was the girls before teacher about to board, after girls shouted it was the boys' turn, from upstairs (they ran up to the RBC part and waited). Girls were all shocked when the boys shouted it from upstairs. I was almost burst out of tears but I was able to held it back and managed to not to let anyone notice about it, indeed it was really sad as I understand the feeling of leaving is sad, really sad; especially the teacher and the students were together for at least three years, the memories of happiness and sadness, nothing can replace them, but also, the fact of leaving is also something can't be avoided.

Two of my close friends, Siaw Tan, a person whose like my elder sister; Norika, knew this Malay girl when I was working in Utama Grand; they're both going to UK today, this evening, 7:30pm flight. It's a little sad that I might not be able to send them, and it's been long time that I haven't got time to meet up with them. But as they're only there to study, so we'll still be able to meet up with each other next time when they're back. =] Good luck to both of you when you both reach there! =D Take good care of yourself!!! I'm gna miss you both here... TT____TT

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