Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second trial is just in front of the eyes....

Yesh! Second trial is here!!! Which is tomorrow!! Oh gosh I'm gna die o.O" I don't think I did enough for my preparation for my second trial. Gosh I think I forgot almost everything I've studied... Hopefully I manage to score good marks for all the subjects and without failing any...

Okai now, I have this little rant here which caused by our dearest P.E teacher. She's... okay you'll know after reading my dialog here~

Walking back to the class from toilet, saw that everyone was standing up in the class.
(Knocked on the door and got into the class, stood at my seat.)

Teacher : And why this lady came into the class this late? (In a impatient tune.)
Me : I went to the toilet.
Teacher : Why did you take so long, huh? (In a tune of suspecting, still impatient.)
Me : ... I had a stomach ache.
Teacher : See, that's what will happen if you don't do exercises regularly.
Me : ... er... I ate something wrong... (Was being a little sarcastic.)
Teacher : ... (Paused for a little while and continued), you would have vomited earlier if you really ate something wrong. (And continued with something else...).
Me : (Why must I vomit if I eat something wrong? Actually you're just being ridiculous...).

Rawr~ funny man funny = =". And the rest of her scoldings were also some kind of gibberish. You ask me if I felt guilty? No, and I don't know what on earth the reason was when she came into the class and scolded us, by the way, I wasn't there when she just came in. And I really had a stomach ache in the early morning. Well, that doesn't hurt me whether she believes it or not, so, like I care? Unless she put me a silly punishment and ask me to run the field for rounds, that I'd probably get freak out. Meh, silly school with silly teachers.

And OWH! I just remembered about Alfret, one of my class mate, he got pushed by Mr. Ang today during science period when Hema wasn't around (She went to the Form3B for the giving the note to them). At first Mr. Ang was just walking pass by the corridor and suddenly, he stood by at the window side, he looked at Alfret and pointed him to go out of the class with his face in anger. Alfret felt weird but he stood up and walk towards the door while Mr. And was coming in too. Mr. Ang pushed Alfret and yelled: "I really want to punch you in your face, you know?". He kept scolding for a few seconds and while he walking out he pointed at Alfret and yelling the words out: "If I don't see you cut your hair tomorrow then you'll know what I'd do." The whole class paused there and no one dared to make a noise. Alfret kind of rubbing his chest while Mr. Ang walking out. "What tha hella that teacher isa thinkeng?" Yes, Nadia and I had the same thought. Okai~ you pushed him just because of this small matter...

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