Sunday, September 23, 2007

DIE MATHS DIE~!!!!!!!!!!

Rawrrrrr~!!! I'm really really really going to die~! I'm going to have maths paper 1 and 2 tomorrow morning yet I don't even understand half of the whole thing. X_x I'm simply dead~

I just don't understand why do every time when I decided to study (When I mean decided I mean DECIDED!), there will be something important for me to do. For example like, today I went for tuition from 9 to 12 because of I'll be having my maths papers tomorrow; and went to clean my new house in Sengkurong after tuition. I was thinking of finish it early so that I can go home for my maths revision. At first I thought it'd only take us awhile but it took us the WHOLE afternoon to clean the house and when I got home it's already 8 plus plus in the night... After I went to bath or something it's already 9 and for awhile it's going to be 10 and I have to sleep early or else I'll sure start to have headache during exam. HOW ON EARTH I HAVE THE TIME TO REVISE~?! Okay, maybe I should blame myself for not revising most of the time when I'm free but wells... rawr... .__.

Good luck to me... = =""

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