Saturday, October 06, 2007

No more online TT___TT

To my friends who I often chat with when I'm online, I might not come online from tomorrow onwards unless PMB is over. I'm probably moving my computer to my new house in Sengkurong by tonight and I don't think we have internet service there since we haven't got any line there at my new house yet, but hopefully there's wireless connection around so that I could steal the internet from there. XD

And I just knew that my new house in Sengkurong is near to Zhi Hung's house. OmG, so far I know that NightKATz, Thien, Baka Ringu, and Shin-chan are living there also. I have friends there wheeeee!!! XD

Woots, it's only 14 days till PMB examination. From what I see, marks of my graduation exam isn't really as satisfied. Gotta work hard from now on! Rawr! DX

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