Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the notional day thingie, grrrrrrrr!!! Today was suppose to be the last day of the practice, but, the hell~? They go give some alasan and complain our school for blah blah not good enough and blah blah blah, and so we're going to have another practice on tomorrow morning. Grrrrrr. = =" I almost went crazy just now, keep plucking the grasses at padang. I was almost vomited as well = =". They asked us to stand under the sun for like at least a few hours, and then some of the student of fainted. I was like, are you guys really human? Or just some unknown thingie but with human look? Grrrrrr. I heard Vin say that, Sultan told the ministers to take the locals for the national day dance, but then don't know what did they do made the sultan changed the mind = =". So baddie them. Grrr. I was saying, 'why don't those ministers come down stand under the sun with us? So that they'll know how 'nice' it is~' = =" My friends agreed with what I said O_o". Anyways, Hopefully tomorrow will be a windy day~ so that nobody would get pengsan, nobody would ge mad, etc etc. It's okay if we only stand under the sun just for a while, but people would get mad if stand too long. Just like the sun is burning up the whole body, and then temper also raise up = =".

Alright, and hmmm, after practice, went back to school, forgot what did I do. Then when almost time for dismiss class, I went back to class, I saw Kevin was downstairs waiting. I was shock that I thought he got his extra class, then he said his teacher go for valentine again, wow~. Then ummm, he said he was hungry, so we went to cantin for food, and then sit down in the hall eating. Well, ummm, then after that, go home. I'll continue the other time, sorry for the lack of blog.

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