Thursday, February 22, 2007

Zy's leaving... 20070223

Yes, today is the last day and Manzy will be leaving to Perth tomorrow... I will sure miss her T x T I've known Zy for like few years since I know Pamela, if I'm not mistaken (sorry, I know I need to upgrade my memory card! XD). Been through quite a lot, from a friend, become an enemy for I don't know what reason cos we were still brats! XD Then slowly become friends again, then best friend to each other. =3 I appreciate the friendship between us tho I know I'm being selfish for sometimes, Zy always try to wake me up from my baddieness (thankew Zy =) ). She's a good friend, she cares her friends, she's good to her friends, she's scary to people!!! (unless you try to pick fight with her XD But I'd suggest you better don't, or you'll sure find your head on the floor the next second... O_o") Anyways, I hope I could make it to go to see her off tomorrow. Hope you'll be fine there, may God be with you always. =) Take care Zy!!! =D *hugzzzz*
Zy's Big tongue Show!XD
took with Zy quite awhile ago.. =) *hugz* ^-^

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