Sunday, March 04, 2007

it's been awhile~

Yes, it's quite awhile since my previous blog one day before Manzy go to Perth. Sorry Zy that I didn't made to see you off... T x T But hopefully everything is going well there, take care and all the best! We're missing you Zy! And ofcos we miss Vin too!! XD

Well, here I had just changed my blog layout, this time it's in purple colour, feeling quite fresh, I like it! XD I'm thinking what would be the best to match with green colour despite the fact that green colour is sometimes quite hard to mix with other colours unless you want some fresh nature things~ XP like, green and yellow, which you can see that green is grass and yellow will the be flowers, and ummm not to forget blue, colour of sky! XD (If only I can make it a PERFECT mixture... = =")

Lol it's late now and I just messaged Vin that I'm going to bed SO I AM going to bed! XP
Good-night and sleep tight, have a sweet dreams everyone!!! =D

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