Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last lunch before Kevin leave for KL

Yes, yesterday was the last friday lunch with everyone before Vin goes to Kuala Lumpur. Sad huh? Vin's going to KL this friday, which will be the 2nd of Febuary. I'm so gonna miss him~ T x T

So, we had our lunch at A Ayam yesterday, yes Qlap again. Lol! Manzy brought A Ayam ticket for us, she said that Irene said A Ayam still using that copun, so we just give a try whether it's still available or not. So yes, it was still available when we order the food, that's great news wasn't it? XD We just had our lunch at A Ayam with half of it's pirce! And later, after we finished our lunch, the waitress brought a cake to our table, that was for Vin.

Look at the cake! Isn't it Yummy? XD

Awww he's too touch to eat his cake! XD (spelling mistake, lazy to correct! XDD)
It's sure Yum Yummm~!!! -Q- (Oopsie, I blocked Vin's face! .__.;)
birthday boy cutting his cake? XD
Kebin eating his last piece of cake! Pause action! XD (what Greg's doing? O_o)

Phui~ It took me like almost an hour to upload those pictures and all that... The internet seem really slow and creepy nowadays due to the Taiwan earthquake, I wonder is it repaired now? Anyways, above are pictures before Vin leave to KL, sound sad T x T I will sure miss him~!!! Vin's leaving in 2 days, which date will drop on 2nd of Febuary, flight will be at 6 pm something, Air Asia, MATE! PRAY FOR HIS SAFE!!! O___o Air Asia is not really trustful to me tho, but what can we do since it's air ticket price is MUCH cheaper than the others?

Anyways, I hope he will be fine when he reach KL. ALL THE BEST!!! X333

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