Monday, January 22, 2007


Happy New Year!!!!
Hey peeps! So sorry for the Lack of blogging really...
Really miss you all you know? I've been working for monthes and it's like I don't have time for online, if not then I'm too tired or too lazy to online after I get back home... Lol~ sorry about that too. My working time is like this, full shift from 10:00am till 10:30pm, and you have to reach there at least 5 minutes before 10:00am. Morning shift from 10:00am same to the one just now, till 6:45pm after the other staffs finish their both breaks. Afternoon shift from 1:00pm till 10:30pm. Then I have 3 days full shift, 2 days morning shift, 1 day afternoon shift and one day off. And now my work is finish, I kinda miss themo. It's like I've been working there for years and the memories floating around that makes me really upset. Like, during our dinner break time, me and some of my UG friends always go to PM (pasar malam) buy some foods, then back to carpart and eat, chit chat a lot. And I guess you can only see one UG staff always jumping around UG and disturb other staffs. Hehehe...

Anyways, how is your new year celebration? Mine wasn't too bad, I spent the whole day at Vin's place and had some fun with the brothers and sister and auntie and uncle~ heheheh ^-^ Actually I was quite glad that I could be able to spend the time with themo at this very year. Cos Vin is going to KL soon and I'll be having PMB this year and not sure when I'll visit themo again... Well that sounds sad but yeah. All the best to Vin, my darling.

Maybe this wouldn't be a long blog cos it's quite late now, but due to I promised Zy to blog, then I'll have to blog, if not you'll see me walking around the street without my head the next day cos zy just chopped me with her parang knife... *Runsssssssssssssssssssss* XDDD

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