Friday, January 12, 2007

Death Min? O_o

Lol! Yesh Death Min instead of Death Note! XD Wondering why? Cos'z Burt just did everyone a Death name ._o" Here's mine! XD

Yes, I just had lunch with Vin, Burt, Manzy, Irene, Greg and Josephine at one of the restaurant at Qlap this afternoon. The lunch wasn't that bad except the waitress was being a bit, silly? People order food for what they want, but the waitress's like asking customers for ordering something else? Lol, yeah that's really weird isn't it? ^^"

Anyways, I've just changed my new blog layout! XD This time it's Shinku, the fifth maiden of Rozen Maiden. She's a strong character and I quite like her. She's also one of the most sarcastic character in Rozen Maiden. Lol! She could even slap you with her hair!!! That's so~~ Oh My God~~~ and you know? When you watch it you'll be like... roflmaowtf??!! XDDDD

Okay, about school life? Not that bad, but the fact I'm chosen to be the class monitress by my DEAREST form teacher... = =" And then I have to do all the extra jobs after school, that's quite the... troublesome? ^^" But yeah, just let me try to be responesible this year then.. ^^" Anyways, I'll be having PMB this year so I guess I HAVE to work HARDER than I used to... = =" So yeah~~~~ I hope I could be able to get some 'A's!! So that nobody would look down on me anymore!! Especially, my uncle/s... I really don't like it...

Anyways, Chinese new year is coming, meanwhile, friends like those who just finish their graduation exams are seperating and moving to other countries to study for their future or rather, live over seas for the rest of life. Gonna miss them a lot and a lot... Hopefully we could be able to meet each other next time... Love you guys... =) And last... See you when I see you!! XD

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