Saturday, April 21, 2007

these days~

Have been quite hard these days, I've got conjunctivitis as I've mentioned in my last post. It's got worse ever since the last post, but it's okay now. My eyes are recovering but my vision is still sort of quite blur. Hopefully it recovers soon. I've been quite lazy and almost moody for the days, so sorry if I've done anything bad, to anyone for anything. So, I've learn my first song for guitar, 'Taiyou no Uta', yes, the full version, but too bad I can't record it into computer, I'll try to find other way to upload it then. =) I brought my guitar to school today due to my friend wanted me to teach her to play guitar. Some monkeys played it to show off for fun. XD

Picture above is one of the foolish monkey playing my guitar. XD I remembered he over reacted like 'Oi yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Chang Min!!' when he notice I took his gila picture XD Oowps, forgot to mention he's actually facing someone instead of crazing there alone! That'd be SUPER crazy if he's really monkeying alone there! XD

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