Tuesday, April 03, 2007



As what I've titled this blog entry. Yes, today is En-chan's Birthday! =D Firstly I'd like to wish her Happy 17 year old birthday! =D Make sure you miss us more when you go back to Taiwan! XP We had our unforgettable birthday celebration yesterday, which was on 22nd of April in 2007, is a Sunday. We went to picnic at Jerudong beach, with Jung, Thien, Sing Yien, Jung was the driver! And ofcos En went too~ her birthday anyway~ x3 At first she doesn't even know we were going to celebrate her birthday! XD

Gawd, it was so darn hot by the time we reach there. I was so desperate and had my first beach snap by my own this time! XD
Someone brought the cake earlier but no one ever notice it was there on the table. So we had some talks until 2 something, it was when I began to worried about the cake due to the hot weather. So I asked Jung about it, he got worried as well and went to checked the cake out. Omg it's just like what I've thought... It... Melt... It's really amazing that we couldn't even read what was written on the cake, or it should have be 'Happy Birthday to Jia Yuan' or something? lalalala~ I asked Jung whether we should pass the cake knife to the 'main character' or not. We were like round and round for quite awhile, Fyn and I were like taking pictures of the melt cake. She was still wondering and waiting for the 'main character' of today... And all of sudden, I put the knife in front of her and wanted her to cut the cake. She was like 'It's not my birthday, it's not my cake!' She rejected over and over times, and we all shouted to her 'It's your cake!!! Cut it now! or else it's gna melt!' She was so nervous and finally, she cut the cake while we're singing 'Happy Birthday' song to her.

Guess what Jung Jung said? 'This is the Only cake you can find in Brunei, Special for you c'mon!' Lol!!! XD She bursted out tears after cutting her 'special' birthday cake!! XD

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