Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm back to blog. =)

Konnichiwa, minna-san =D Sorry for the lack of blogging, and it's been really long time that I haven't been blogging properly. Whether I'll start blogging everyday or not I'm still not sure, due to the reason I somehow lazy to blog at times. XP Anyways, from what you can see, this blog is pretty empty now. It's not that I deleted all the entries, but I made a new blogger account for myself because I can't really used to it when I'm using Vin's account, I didn't feel like I'm blogging at my own blog though this IS my blog. ^^" Weird eh? =b Vin accidentally logged my blogger account with his gmail address while trying to log in to my blogger, that merged our blogger account into one. .___." I'll try to transfer my entries as soon as possible anyway. =)

Somehow, quite many things happened recently. If you happened to drop by Vin's blog you'll know that our relationship had ended. For this two years I know he has done a lot to me and to our relationship but I'm really really sorry for my uselessness. I just don't want to stay with him just because of my guilt, that make me feel unfair for him. So I decided to tell him after he came back from KL, and after awhile we decided to end our relationship. I know it's still unfair to him but it's at least better than I stay because of my guilt, it feels like I'm playing with his feelings but I'm not. I feel really sorry... Hope guys won't hate me... Anyways, thanks for reading =) Take care and may god bless you... =)

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