Friday, July 27, 2007

First trial is nearing... marks planning?

Yes, first trial is nearing. If you're wondering, it's going to drop on the date of 13rd of August, which is 2 more weeks ahead from now. I don't know, would I be able to score good marks? To be honest I haven't been studying properly after the first term holiday. I'm afraid I would fail for this time. Like what my mum said, if I'm not going to be promoted, there are two options for me to choose : First option, transfer to any school in Canada which I don't want to, because it's a unfamiliar place to me though I'd get used to it in a short time. Second option that is, quit my studies and go for work. Stupid eh? It's true that I'm old enough to work for my own but society will no need me when I hold no certs! Well, it's the fact how society is.

Bahasa Melayu - I really have no idea about this... I hope I could get at least a C4... credit anyways...
English - C or B? I should be okay with this subject.
Chinese - If I don't get an A for it I'd get screwed up. = ="
Mathematics - At least a C3? Though I kind of forgot most of the formula...
Science - C5? Anyways it's not allowed to fail. o.O
Geography - I'll try to get a B for it. =]
History - History is nuisance... = =" C then... Though it's sometimes interesting but I hate to memories the dates...
Commercial Studies - B or A of course. =]

Well, that's all about my result planning. I hope I can manage to score the marks that I aimed. =] NOT EASY! But if I keep saying it's difficult and not work for it then it'll be real difficult. =] To all my peeps whose going to sit for PMB, score good marks for your first trial! =D

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