Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another crazy suspension~

Exactly as mentioned in the title of the entry for today. Crazy suspension. Not my class but the next class of mine, Form3B, the whole class got suspended for a week for being a little late for class. Tell me, wouldn't students left for toilet during class changing? Or either walk around just to relax themselves from the previous class, it's not wrong, is it?

Well, our class was having this small farewell party for our geography teacher, Miss Chan. Nuruddin bought a cake from the hotel next to our school for 45 dollars, which was sponsored by some students from Form 3 B, C, D. Okay, so during her class, those students who shared a bit came to our class and joined the small farewell party for a little while Form3 B's Malay subject teacher, Beh passed by to their class. The 3B students went back to their class after Beh. The weird thing is, I saw Beh came out of 3B in less than one minute and walked to office with Evon following behind. Hmmm...

I was wondering but soon I thought he maybe just wanted her to do something so I didn't cared much and continued with our small farewell party though it began to settle down. Miss Chan was totally shocked when she saw the cake from us and she almost burst out of tears that made us felt the same way, despite the monkeys who were teasing around with Miss Chan when she was trying to hold back her tears.

Sooner after our class settled down, Mr. Ang, whose our discipline master, with Beh and Evon, passed by our class to the class of 3B. Yes, it's really a bad thing to see any teacher with Mr. Ang walking towards 3B 'cause they're already in really bad condition due to the last time they got suspended for one day. And that means, it'll be even worst to see Mr. Ang walk into the class with any teacher or whatnot. Our class was in total silence and everyone was looking while they passed by, until one of us suggest Miss Chan best to start her teaching, so she did. The next second after Miss Chan began her lesson, some loud slamming sound came from the next door, class 3B, and yelling, yes it was from Mr. Ang.

After all those yelling and slamming period, Mr. Ang came out, followed by the 3B students to the stuff room. From what I heard from my friend, they said Beh called for Mr. Ang was because he was pissed by the other class and couldn't stand the same situation, aside from that some teachers had been complaining about the behavior of 3B days ago. Excuse me? He was our previous subject teacher before he went into class 3B, does he actually meant that we pissed him off when we did not done anything wrong? And due to what he said, it was because of Form 2D. Again, excuse me? We're 3C not 2D? He was obviously resisting them by keep saying 'I think it's better for you all to be suspended' to 3B. And as those teachers said, 'The last time I complain was 2 months ago.' Again, another lie.

Okay, so, the first time they got suspended, I tried to seek for help from Beh. Guess what was his response?

Me : You should help them, not all of them are bad. Some of them are innocent and the main reason is something else.
Beh : Serve them right. Like just now, I don't even want to step in their class for my lesson.

WTF is with this response? By the way, no one would ever behave themselves badly during his class. He's actually one of the teacher that I respect the most, but, WTF IS WITH HIS RESPONSE? Okay, that make my respect to him drop to -10%, really.

At the end, Mr. Ang called up their parents and going to have a talk on Monday, which is tomorrow. Well, I don't know what the answer would be, I hope it'd be okay, as we all hope so.

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