Thursday, November 03, 2011

Happy belated birthday to me~! :D

Seriously, I feel like killing somebody now. The net is just friggin' bad and it's like keep disconnecting! Wth is wrong??

I have this attempt to blog, yet I don't really feel like blogging since the net is going on and off (well, though it wouldn't affect me much since I'm typing and hardly surf while I'm blogging, but it's still annoying!). Oh well, one of the major problem is that, I'm just lazy... = =

Riight, Imma gonna ignore the bitchy internet and blog awaaaaay~ Hmmm, about last night- I mean, the day before yesterday, was my birthday! tadaaaa~~

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me~♫

I skipped class and went out with Kevin S, Honey and Vin to grab dinner at TGI Friday in Pavilion! It was awesome! After that, we went to cinema for the movie called "In Time". We will go into detail later~! ;)

Har har~ my first time come to this restaurant~!
Kevin's candid shot is always our hobby~! XD
Smile shyly~ XD
Finally, he can't reject this picture with Honey, can he? :P
Kevin's so-called "revenge shot"! XD Happy accepted :D

First side dish!
Looks yummm~
Honey's side dish, fried mac and cheese! It taste wonder~!
My mac and cheese~! *sluuuurp*
Kevin's... Food! XD I forgot what it's called~ :P
Oh well, due the fact that we're all Veeeeeeery hungry... we forgot to take some of the pictures and that lead to the reason why we're using someone else's picture of the food that we found on the internet! :P (I can't find Kevin's dish, sorry~ D:)

After the dinner, we went straight to the cinema cuz the movie was about to start already!!! But something happened!! My stomach began to twitch! Oh my... at a time like this... I went to the washroom straight and arrived at my seat in cinema just RIGHT before the movie starts! XD

In Time. This movie is talking about when in the future, where people can stop aging. Whenever one reaches the age of 25, you have 1 year left to live. It's then you have to make use of your time, to earn "time". In the future, time is money, money is time. The film has clearly stated their "point" there. So, you don't earn money anymore, but time. Once your "watch" jump to 0, you will die, just like snapping your fingers!

Here's the Official Trailer.

It's a rather interesting movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, there are a lot of unpredictable things in the movie, which somehow makes me wonder, that even in the future, money or in this case time, is still the root of all evil.

What if in the future, we stop aging at the age of 25, and we only have 1 year left to live? I think that would make a good reason for people to work hard to earn "time", you know, we don't wanna die just yet. However, we do believe that for some people, they might just let it be and let their "watch" jump to 0 and die on the street. Just like how the people in the slums live in the movie.

Ahhhhh~! I can't think anymore!! Look what time is it?! I'm wasting my "time"!

I should go to sleep before the sun light shines through my window.

Dewa dewa,

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