Sunday, October 30, 2011

Temporary Intern Kitty, day 2.

So, we got him a name! The name's Mr. Brown! XD He really loves to poop.. = ='' (Well, it's suspected that he's having diarrhea~ D: poor kitty~)

We put him outside of the door at 3 or 4 something yesterday morning planning to let him go away on his own because he keeps on pooping due to his illness and I was afraid that I couldn't take care of him anymore because I have no experience at taking care of a sick kitten~ D:

However, I kept dreaming of him until Kevin woke up up around 3 something in the afternoon today, Mr. Brown was still outside of the door waiting for ANYONE to open the door so he could go in. When Kevin opened the door, Mr. Brown came in  and meowing non stop. He kept doing some actions that tells us he wants to drink milk. Though we know cats don't drink cow's milk, Kevin tried to make warm milk out of Dutch Lady full cream milk. Well, he didn't like it. = =''

He was okay throughout the whole afternoon, he didn't poop at all. Well, he does pee for once when I tried to put him back into the box.. = ='' But at least it shows that his not suffering from any illness that's causing him not to pee.

Soon Kevin reached home, Kevin, Vin and I talked while Mr. Brown went to sleep, and we decided to go to Aji to grab some dinner so Kevin and Vin can have their shisha time~! XDD lol~

We put Mr. Brown at the door gate when we go out so he won't pee or poop around in the house. But we couldn't find him anywhere when we got home. The food and water was still in place, only the cloth that's in mess. We checked and found out that he pooped on the cloth, maybe that's why he left because cats doesn't like having their food in smelly place. = =

I was worried, so Vin suggested to look for him around the area. So we did, look from the 22nd floor to 8th floor, then we went straight down to ground floor. I got out from the lift and saw a yellow cat, I approached the cat cuz I wanted to ask if he/ she sees my Mr. Brown (I know... cat's can't talk but yeah... just for fun~ :P), and guess what? I saw my Mr. Brown hiding under a motorbike! Thank goodness I found him! He was meowing at me when he saw me appeared behind the pillar~!

After that, we brought him home and kind of wiped him in wet towel, and let him go to sleep. But for some reason, he kept on pooping from time to time. We guessed he's reacting from something he ate back then~ D: poor kitty...

More pictures of Mr. Brown today! :D such a poser~! -.-"

 awwwwww~ he's sleeping so peacefully~~~

"What'chu looking at?"
Looooooove his eyes! x3

Now he's out at the gate again to be watch cat, I think we're going to do this until he gets better. Well, he's still temporary intern kitty. We might not take him in but oh well, we will think twice if he's behaving himself. ;)

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