Saturday, October 29, 2011

New housemate

We have a new housemate today, he arrived home at around 10 something at night. The name's still unknown. :O

I tried to take picture of him, but he goes... you trying to eat up the camera or something? XD


*sniff sniff* First attempt, didn't success... = =

Finally, Perfect angle~!
Awww~~ such a pair of beautiful eyes~

Where did this kitten come from? Well, Kevin S, Kevin and I went to Aji to grab some food after Kevin S reached home, and he was shivering under one of the pillars at the ground floor of our apartment when we walked past by. He was soaking wet but we couldn't take him home since we're going out to eat. So I begged Kevin to adopt it if we see him still at the same place later when we head home.

So, there you go, he was still sitting at the same spot when we past by again, so I decided to take him home, it was soooooo dirty so Kevin S and I tried to bathe it, but Kevin S did most of it... Thank you so muuuch, Kevin!! (Though I don't think he would see this post... hahaha xD)

Kevin S and Kevin went down to buy some cat food after the bathe, he ate, Sue and I played a bit with him, and then he went to sleep. After awhile Sue and Nigel went out to grab dinner, I moved the kitten into our room while he's asleep. Soon later, he woke up with huge eyes, and then he pooped.. = = and he poop from time to time. Kevin searched online for help, some of the article say that the cat was scared/ stressed because of the new place.

Awwwwww man~ he just look so cute like this~ but seriously, I don't know if I would be able to take care of it. We will see in few days time...

Anyway, it's time for "Running Man"!!!! (lol?) XD Kevin have just opened the clip. It's Gary's show!!! XDDD

Dewa dewa,

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