Thursday, October 27, 2011

new layout.

Hey hey minna san! It's me again after the long long hiatus period. Though I didn't really mention about me being hiatus but oh well. Xp

I changed a new layout, it's a rather simple one that I picked up from the "Blogger Design" option (and yes, I uploaded YUI's picture as my background!). ❤❤❤ Well, I just feel like looking at something simply once in a while. I just feel like changing, although my previous one was simple enough. (≥ ᵕ ≤)

I'm now in KL, studying music at International College Of Music (ICOM), and staying with my boyfriend. Hehe!

I've finally made it here and I'm going to make it out here! ;)

It's a rather short post but I will update more in the future. It's really late now- I mean, early...(?) Lol!

Anyways, I gotta catch my beauty sleep and I shall start working on my assignment already!! Zzz... before its too late... geez, laziness....

Dewa dewa,

Oh yes, I might have to go out tomorrow to buy some necessary things; LAN cable, Bra/ Sports bra, and maybe some strings; cloth(?), so I can DIY something I like XD hmmm... *yawn..*

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