Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to Brunei~

Minna san~~ I finally got back after a week of vacation in KL. Well, more like I went to visit Vin instead of go for shopping in KL. Surprisingly I didn't really spend much for this vacation except for paying for food and transportation.

I slowly get used to the life style in there that I don't really know what to do here in Brunei since I've already quit my job.

I miss KL and I miss my boyfriend over there. And of course the friends that i made when I was out with Vin in KL.

Feeling kinda bored now since I have not much to do and the internet in Brunei's got something wrong again, or maybe its just my house.. o.o

Ja, that's all for now. Gonna find something to do than rot with boredom. And I've just received a call from ex colleague asked me I can go back to company as a part timer to help them with all the simple designs. Lol, since my wallet is almost dry to death now, I would just go for it, then I will see what else I can do to earn earn more. I have to fight starting from now on!!!!

Have a good day~~!!

Dewa dewa,
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