Thursday, June 16, 2011

third day in KL

Haven't done much here in KL. I have been waking up late these two days and only going out at night cuz I didn't know where to go and since I didn't have anyone to company me to fu around as Lilian has her own friend in KL and she has her own plan; Mary went to Terengganu right after we got off from the flight and go to Redang. Even though I have another friend at home, whom is Kevin's best friend, I'm kinda shy to keep asking him to accompany me to go here and there, so I can only stay at Kevin's house most of the time.

Hahaha.. but its fun this two days I guess though I didn't really go to a lot of places, yet. However, I know that Kevin is trying his best to arrange some fun time for me and I'm really thankful about that~

Just got home not long ago, got ready to sleep now, tired to be out the whole night.

Dewa dewa
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