Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I'm trying to connect my blogger to Facebook and Twitter via Networked Blogs, I hope it works~ o.O *posted*


Great! Now it works wonders~! :D And I've also added few new functions to my blog such as Facebook's "like" button and Twitter's "Tweet" button. I wanna see how is the progress of my blog, whether it's improving or still the same.

I just wanted to start trying to blog to earn, not sure if this is going to last since I'm always doing things half-heartedly.. = ='' And guess what? It's time to sleep!!!

Zomg.. I haven't finished my assignment for Malaysian and Moral studies and I'm supposed to hand them in next week. AAAAAAAAND exam will be on 22nd and 23rd of November~! Sweet. Imma dieeeeee~!!!

Though I know people are waking up at this hour but oh well, Good Night to me and Good Morning to you all~! Or rather, I made up a word, "Ohasumi" (where Ohaya stands for good morning and Oyasumi stand for good night~ XD)

Dewa dewa~

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