Friday, November 18, 2011

Stressed much? TIME TO CHILL! (For 18 above only)

Hello buddies~! It's almost the end of the year and I believe some of you out there just wanna have sometime with your buddies and CHILLLLL to the MAX riiiiiiiiiight? Here are something I found that most of you PARTY ANIMALS would be interested in~!

What? Did you just said you wanna go to a party?? Hey.. why not let's find out what and where will the party be?

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Calsberg and what more? They're organizing a party in Malaysia~!!!

What about it? Because the party planners hid the location very well, so nobody knows WHERE IS THE PARTY!!! Click into the Picture or Here to find out more!!! You will be lead to a facebook page, just LIKE them and you will know what happens! :D

If you think that's all, then YOU'RE WRONG!! There's more to come!! 

Next we will be introducing... *drumrolls* TIGER BEER!!!

Oh my oh my... Look at the tiger in the picture!! It's so... AWESOME~!! Well, talk about Tiger beer, I believe most people, as in MOST PEOPLE OUT THERE knows about it! And most people LOOOOOOVES it like it's as IMPORTANT their lives~~~~! XDDD

What about it? Are they organizing a party too??? Hey c'mon, it's something like that but again, SOMETHING Different~! Guess what? Get a taste of the full-flavoured, refreshing beer that's filtered at -1°C.

Wow! Ain't that CRAZY? -1°C????? Are they out of their mind??? NO!! Being refreshingly different as the brand suggests, Tiger Crystal would like to send you on a sub zero escapade to a place so cool that water freezes with time. Hop on over to the Tiger Crystal Facebook page for the deeds, baby!!

Wow.. two parties are more than enough... W..What did you say? There's ONE MORE?? C'mon, it's gonna be the luckiest day of my life!

Do you know about Baby Tonga? YES!!! "Strongbow Malaysia is giving away a luxurious voyage aboard the Baby Tonga, their proud three-time champion of the premier cruising division, the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta. When not off bagging championships, this winning yacht also serves as a luxury sailing ship complete with furnishing"~!! Doesn't that sound PERFECT???? 

Maaaaaaaaaaan~! Pleaaaase, oh PLEAAAAASE Let us get this~!!!! Nothing could beat the ocean water spraying your face, the breeze blowing through your hair, and you are sipping on a refreshingly cold Strongbow cider~~~~~~~~


Wanna find out more goodies? Join Churp Churp Malaysia to find out more~! ;) 

Please note that these advertisements are meant only for non-muslims above 18 years of age. :)

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