Wednesday, November 09, 2011


First trailer of Matsuda Shota as “Afro Tanaka” revealed~!! It's a live-action adaption of the popular manga ‘Afro Tanaka‘, a Japanese manga series by Masaharu Noritsuke, starring Matsuda Shota and Sasaki Nozomi! I haven't seen/ read this manga until recently, I discovered this trailer on a website. It looks really entertaining~!!! XD

It's a story about the main character Tanaka Hiroshi (Matsuda), a 24 year old high school dropout who works as a tunnel digger in Tokyo. The big, fluffy afro head is his "trademark". And one day, he fall truly, deeply, maaaaadly in love with a new girl, Kato (Sasaki) whom just moved into the apartment next door!

Let's watch the trailer and let the audience judge the FUN Level of this movie~! :D You will observe the changes in the main character and how he fights for his LOOVE~!(?).  XD

Other casts in this movie: Tanaka Kei, Endo Kaname, Komakine Ryusuke, and Impulse’s Tsutsumishita Atsushi.


(出演)松田翔太 佐々木希 堤下敦 田中圭 遠藤要 リリー・フランキー

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