Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blog blog blog!!! O.O

Okaii~ I saw PamPam and Manzy was telling me to blog on my tagboard, so here I am now with a new entry. xp I've updated a bit in my blog in the part of 'darlinks' navigation, I added some small pictures and kind of arranged my links, this is in a way easier for me to category my links. ^^ Gonna discover out more of the blog's design and update it~ =D And I really like my current blog layout because it's just so clear and simply nice~! xD

Anyways, my days went pretty usual here, nothing much happened though, except the fact that my test 2 is coming up and I hadn't studied much yet... or perhaps, not even a few chapters from the beginning of this year? = =? I'm trying to pay attention in the class now, oops, did I mentioned about it last time? ( which was like 234832904 centuries ago? xD) Okay no kidding now, I'm not going to slack off and stay in form 4, I want to finish my form5 as soon as possible and fly to LimKokWing!!! xDD wooots~

I've been practicing the Chinese version of 'Taiyou no Uta' with MoMo and Jeff which I translated it sometimes ago, we're going to be participated in the performance in CHMS in KB. I suppose? xD MoMo always couldn't catch up with the right tempo and that often confused Jeff and I... = ="" However, we've been trying hard to make it sound perfect, at least it's not so bad after sometimes we worked on it. I pray that everything will go perfectly fine on that day. =]

Mei Mei, my Chinese teacher and I went to hike at Bukit Shah Bandar on Wednesday and that only took us not more than half an hour to come out from the jungle, why? Cos we lao ya larrr!!! = =" Seriously, I haven't went to hiking for a long time, not to mention hiking in Shah Bandar... Oh wait, I did~ hiked with my classamtes during mid march or something at Tasek Lama. We were planning to hike once again but it never come... = ="" we're too lazy~ ahahaha!! xD Alright, I'll upload some pictures of the monkeys we saw when we were on our way home~ xD Enjoy~!!! xD

Monkeys~!!! xD

Ahahah~!!! it's waiting for us to take a picture of it~! xD Vain eh the monkey!! xD

Oh loook!!! the baby monkey in mami's arms! xD so cuteeee xD too bad can't see it's front side~

Cute monkeys ain't they? xD Enjoy!!! x3

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