Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pictures of the English month opening ceremony...

Like I promised, I shall upload the pictures of the English month opening ceremony (though there's nothing too interesting about it~ xD), I HOPE you guys would enjoy it~ hahahah!!! xD so here goes the pictures~ xD

Ohooo~!! Nicholas and Sir Derick... Nick dai lou handsome weiii~!!! xD

The two person hosting the show!!! Cindy and Nicholas, somehow she doesn't look too pleased...

Pei and Rui~! Taken before the ceremony started... xD (don't kill me for posting your picture!!! hhehehhe!! xpp)

Show #1, Calling for aliens... .__.

OMG the aliens came out to shake hand with the scientist!!! O.O okay... what a great show...? xD

Aliens standing along with the human being??? O.O what a peaceful scene... .__."

A closer look of the aliens! xD

Don't you think he just looks like a president from somewhere? xD A Form 4 A student, Arsha? Don't know about him though ahaha~!! xD But many girls in my school are kinda crazy about him? XD Tall and... you know... Amo? xD

Here comes one of my favourite show! xD Their singing was awesome! =D The girl whose playing the guitar was awesome too! =D

A closer look of them~ x3 Aren't they just sweet? =b

And I wonder if the English month this time is about 'peace with alien'? o.o" it seemed like though...

"English the open door to discoveries" wow~

"Connecting the world with English" Hmmm~

Owh and last one... you might like it~ (oh i'm NOT being sarcastic... XD)

"English, your window to the world and beyond" O.o nice... how nice~~~...

Okay, so it's our English month now, they'll be having activities like english singing competition, essay writing and all that, just like the Chinese and Malay month... Hmmm... Talk about activities, I just remembred that we'll be having performance at KB on this friday, which is 8th of August, I hope everything goes fine on that day. Oh, and I was planning to go out with Jia Min and MoMo because it's a cool day, 080808, isn't it just cool? xD However, no jadi because of the show lur~ anyways, I shall stop here~ Night everyone~! =D

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