Monday, August 04, 2008

Little update~

People out there, yes you! Look in here!! xD Here I just did a little update in my blog, a comment paradise and rating thingie~ Do feel free to comment in each and every of my entries from now on, I will reply when I don't feel lazy~ Mwahahahah!~!!! XD Oh and this small counter that we can actually see how many people is viewing my blog page at the mean time. x3 Just adding them for fun cos I was really out of things to do... hmm~ or should say I'm trying to be like a 'pro-blogger' wanna be? xD hahahah~ okai... = =

Nothing much happened recently though, we had a small farewell party for Mr. Siva, our Biology teacher this afternoon. He's leaving us and don't know whose gonna lecture us after he's gone, so yea, who cares? It wouldn't make too much differences to Biology by changing teacher unless I'm willing to study for it. xp Partey, yes partey!!! But too bad I forgot to bring camera so no pictures for this entry~ xD However, I'll upload the pictures of English month opening ceremony some other time~ xD

Oh, I just saw this MV on MTV called 'Porks and Beans', super funny! (Not super lar~ just quite~ xD you'll go 'wtf' all the way through heheheh!! xD) Anyways, Enjoy the MV yo! =D

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