Friday, August 15, 2008

Pictures of little cousin birthday, BBQ~! XD

A request from Miss Mary Ong, she was telling me to upload the picture of the BBQ birthday party for ages ahahahah!!! okok so here I am to upload pictures now xp

Food Food Foooooooood!!!!!! XD

BBQ~! Jason and Seng~ O.O

Nelvin is not trying to smile to the camera~ = =

Nathaneil is errr~? Sucking his fingers? = =?

Mary and I before the birthday cake arrives~! xD

Here comes the birthday little boy~!! =D

Laughing to the camera~!! xD

Oh look, how happy he was~ xD

"No~! Stop shinning dupid light!! X_x"

Ohooo~ Choco ice cream cakes! xD (They said it was buy one free one... O.o"")

Yummy cakes~

Look delicious doesn't it? =Q

"Happy Birthday to me~!" xD

The birthday boy doesn't like his cake... = =?

OMG!! He wiped it on his daddy's pants!! Hahahh!!! xD

"Oh yay I don't have to eat that silly 'thing'~!! xD" *claps claps*

Adults playing weird game... .__."

Mary and Luke.

Luke and I~! =D

Nalisha and I~! xD

Omg emo little kid? = =?

Last picture of this entry~ Cousin Lilian and Amy and I~! =D

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