Thursday, July 24, 2008


Oh yes, I'm so frigging lost now. Oh and, not to mention hopeless. Why? What happened? Yes, that's what you would probably ask. I don't usually comment about something to the public, normally, I would just keep it in mind but I'm enough about this. Look, what do you mean by 'friendship'? Isn't it something that you should treasure the most in the world? Isn't it a gift from God? I just don't understand, one can just throw away all the sweet memories just because they did some minor mistakes. Where did the good moments go? Where are the happy things that we used to shared together? Is it gone that easily?

I tried so much to help, but it just didn't work out, instead it became worst, at least I thought so... Maybe I'm not in the place to say anything, or perhaps in your mind you'd be thinking "Oh C'mon it's NONE of YOUR business..." I apologize for being nosey all this time. I know, sometimes it takes time for one to accept an apology from the others...

All I can say is... I tried, I thought I could help... but wells... I guess I was just being too nosey...

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