Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny moment after school~ XD

First of all, I got to wish Kevin all the best when he got his butt back to KL. XD HEHEHEH!!! Don't be too stressed over works and things yea~ =D Bring our blessing along wheee!!!!! XD Owh and I introduced Kevin to Neo / Neo to Kevin~ HAHAHAH XD I find it really cute when you guys were greeting each other. Lol~~~ XD
Me : Oh look Neo! The bai ka one~ XD (don't kill me!!!! X_x)
Kevin : Oh so that's Neo~!
Neo : Oh HEY!!! *shakes hand with Kevin* So you're the...
Kevin : Kevin...
blablablablabla-ed again
Neo : Hey wo ma ma hai mei you laii~~ (My mom's not here yet~!)
I was like O.o""""""""""""""""" XD

Oh anyways, we have a new maths teacher, he speaks Chinese!!!!! O.O Oh wth is wrong with it, he's a Chinese wut~? NOHHHH~!!!! WHAT I MEANT WAS, A MATHEMATICS TEACHER WHO ONLY KNOWS TO SPEAK CHINESE WTF?????!!!!!!!!! = =""" Ohh... it's gonna be like hell for the Malay students now... And please don't blame us for not telling him cos we already did!!! O.o
Students : Sir, can you speak English please? Because some students don't understand Chinese...
Teacher : Fine... Na wo yong ying wen man man jiao... okay? (So I will speak in English and teach slowly okay?)
Students : Okay...
Teacher : Okay... Na zhe ge di wu ti shi... ( So this question five is...)

Omg there he is again with his Chinese... = ="" And I wonder how the Malay students gonna pass their maths now...

Met up with Kevin and get the camera before his flight to KL, his flight was suppose to be at 3 but he told me it kinda postponed so I'm wondering what time is it... anyways~ take care yo!!! =D

After school dismissed, we didn't manage to stay back for band practice just because our pianist, MoMo, wasn't there... = ="" (and he's not replying me on msn!!! rawrrr!!! >=O), oh wells, so we decided to practice tomorrow since the first rehearsal will be on the Wednesday. Please ah MoMo~ please do arrange your time wisely and a bit more responsible, it's getting lesser and lesser time for us to practice now and the show is on 8th of August... in KB in other school somemore... I'm kinda worried though... However I'm putting all my hope on you and Jeff, I believe in you guys and that's why we're in a group now, aren't we? =]

So, I brought my guitar along and went to down to the ground floor of the secondary block, Neo was there, with his broken leg~ hopping around like a... hmmm... better not mention it ahahahahhahahah XDDD JKJKJKK LOLOLOL!! XD anyways, pictures took after we played for awhile~ funneh Neo with his... lalalalala~

Neo walking foward with his killer face?!?!??!?!?!??!! O.O *runsssssss*

"ahhhhhhhhhhh gotta get rid of this damn thing~!" (cacat face??????? XDDDDDDDD )

"Wahahahaha~!!!! See my weapon~!!!!! XD"

What? liu lang han singing on the streets??? XDD JKJKJK!!!!

Okay he got fed up with me taking his picture when he was trying to 'fang dian' to one of my friend... = =""

The victim~ XD

Lol~ Photo blog to here then~ have fun watching our cutey Neo Neo monkey-ing around~ Nyahahahahha~~~~ XDDDD

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